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PIC16x84 programmer

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PIC16C84 Programmer

This is another varient of very simple PIC16C84 programers. It's based on: D.Tait PP and TOPIC programers, NOPPP by M.Covington, 8 Part programer by Stephen Nolan , and the COM84 programmer. 

Since the Com84 didn't work with my com port (because it couldn't get enought power from it) I added an external power supplie(+12V) and a transistor to solve the problem.

You can use any software for the Com84 programer, such as PIP02.ZIP or IC-Prog.

The simple circuit doesn't has any buffers, so keep all cables short.
I made this circuit only from parts that I had already, maybe there is some parts that would be more suitable (ie better than the BC548 transistor).
The power supply is +12V to +13V. 

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Author : Sami Khawam