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Last Update on: 8/4/01

Sorry for all the unaswered emails. Currently I cannot provide any kits or PICs; please send all you questions and requests to the mailing list.


  • 8/4/01:
    • The standard code is now available for download. I am still trying to provide cheap preprogrammed PICs, although I will not have a lot of time until June.


  • 16/8/00:
    • It has been a long time since I have not updated this page, I hope I will get more time soon to make more updates.
    • A new revision of the IR Link is now available. Basically the pins locations of the PIC were changed such that the PCB are easier to build. This revision has been available in all the Kits shipped 6 monthes ago. Check the Hardware page.
    • A new program for the PIC is also available. Only the LITE version can be downloaded from this page. The STANDARD version is available only in the kits.
    • Thanks for all who sent me emails. If I was not able to answer yours, please accept my apologizes.
  • 05/4/00:
    • I have updated the PIC&Kits page with info on the new PCBs contained in the Kits.
    • I have added a link to Antoine Mercier 's page, which contains very useful information and softwares.
    • I will try to port his IR Pack programs to the TI89 soon.
  • 24/10/99:
    • I have updated the PIC&Kits page and added the price for the kits with normal shipping.
  • 28/7/99:
    • CÚdric Delmas sent me a ported version of IRChat 83 to the TI83. Thanks a lot!
    • I have updated the Photos page and the 'PICs & Kits' page with 2 new photos.
    • Unforunatly I will not be available for 2 months and I will not be able to answer any email nor provide someone with PICs or kits. If you need parts for urgent, try to see if anyone on the list has them (to subscribe goto FAQ page).
  • 7/7/99:
    • CÚdric Delmas sent me a ported version of All_Philips and BinLink to the TI83. Thanks a lot!
    • I have updated the 'PICs & Kits' page with the PCB layout of some kits recently shipped. I have also updated the list of distributors.
  • 3/7/99:
    • I have updated the 'PICs & Kits' page. with the emails of the ditributor of the parts, kits and prebuilt links. Please contact them to have their ordering information.
    • A photo of an assembled kit has been added.
    • If you sent me an email and I did not answer, please send it again.
  • 30/6/99:
    • I have put some instructions of building the kit. Check the of the 'PICs & Kits' page. It has also a view of the new PCB included in the kit.
  • 26/4/99:
    • Antoine Mercier has ported  All_Rec80 to the TI92.
    • I have put some of the ordering information on the 'PIC&Kits' page. Please accept my apologizes if I did not answer your mail. I will do this soon.
  • 18/4/99:
    • Thomas Koglbauer  sent me another correction and an update of the stripboard configuration originaly made by Antoine Mercier.
    • Thomas Koglbauer sent me a PCB design for the IR Link.
    • Antoine Mercier has released a port of his All_Sony to the TI92.
    • I have put another schematic with a LM2931Z5 regulator instead of the 78L05 one, since it is better and takes less power. In this schematic the value of the pull-up resistors is also different.
    • Soon I will put some nice photos of some links.
  • 13/3/99:
  • 28/2/99:
    • I have ported ir_ttt, a simple 2 player TicTacToe game, to the TI89.
    • A version 2.0 of irlib for TI89 and TI92+ has been release.
    • A new version of IR Remote 89.

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Author : Sami Khawam