Fixing the PCB

There was a small error in the PCB:

and the new ones are:


If you have already built the PCB, then it is very simple to fix this error:

  1. Cut the colored line (in the first 2 images). Use a screw driver of a cutter. (Remember that this image is reversed!).
  2. Check that it is not connducting more.
  3. Solder DIL Switches.
  4. Now put the resistor (R3 here):

    2. Leave some part of the pin going out, and solder the resistor.
    3. Now push the rest of the pin to make it touch the pin of the DIL-Switch ( like the new connection)
    4. Now solder it with the pin of the DIL-Switch.


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Author : Sami Khawam

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