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Linking software for TI Calculators

Last Update on:6/7/01

I have received many e-mail regarding the link software, and I have not answered to a large number of them. If you sent me an e-mail and did not receive any response, then please accept my appologies and send it again. If you have any problems then please send an email to the list. Be sure also to read the list archive before posting.

New: Check this new page for Modifying the TI-GraphLink program to support the Parallel Link.

W32Tran8x 4.1 can be downloaded now. FLASH programs and ROM updates are supported in this version.

In version 4.1, flash support has been tested on the TI89 and is working properly. However, if you are having problems with it, the other solutions to make flash transfers are:

  • TI-GraphLink with homemade serial link.
  • Modified TI-GraphLink with homemade parallel link.
  • Use the excellent VTI Emulator under Windows 9x/ME only ( not NT/2000 ), which supports linking using any cable. Use the ROM from TI and make the emulated calculator send the ROM to your calculator.

Linking software available:

  • Tran8 v2.0
    This is a simple DOS program to send and recieve datato the TI82 or the TI83 or the TI85 using a parallel or a serial or a Graphlink. For more on how to build the link see
    AndreasWestfeld page.


  • WTran8x:version 3.4
    This is a Windows 3.1 version that works with TI82,TI83, TI85,TI86, TI89 and TI92+ for parallel or serial link. Works also under Windows 9x.

    Now with a new interface and many bug fixes.


  • W32Tran8x: version 4.1
    This is a Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 version of WTran8x. It supports the Parallel and Serial link, and works with the TI82, TI83, TI85, TI86, TI89 and the TI92(+).

    This new version has Flash support and also limited support for the PIXpander.
    To use the program you have to download and install DriverLINX from SST:


  • W32Tran8x version 2.0
    This is the old version of W32Tran8x. It can be still downloaded because has a drag-and-drop feature that is not in the new versions.

    To use the program you have to download and install DriverLINX from SST:port95nt.exe. 

  • Send89
    A simple DOS program for sending variables and programs to the TI89.

As I do not have the time to answer all the emails I am getting, I have created a list for those linking software. New versions will be annouced there and you may discuss how to configure and use the programs.
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Author : Sami Khawam