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Those are the answers to the most frequent questions that are asked about the IR Link. If you have questions that I forgot to add to this list please mail me. 

Q: Does the IR Link work with all TI calcs? Can I chat between different calcs types? 

A: Yes the IR Link works with all TI calcs since they all use the same protocol in transfering bytes, and chats can be made with different calcs types. 

Q: What is special about IR Chat? Does other chat programs work? 

A: The special part about IR Chat is that it send the line of data at once in one packet, unlike other chat programs (like TALK and RTermxx) where every character is sent when the user press it. This way IR Chat unables multi-chats. For 2 side chats any program works. The other feature of IR Chat is that is has a WhiteBoard. 

Q: It seems that it is something slower to replay a code saved using IR Remote than using the real remote control. Why? 

A: The IR Remote program has a fixed 30 bytes code length. Unused bytes are stored as zeros and are replayed each time. For example when controlling a Philips device only the first 4 bytes are used and the rest is 0, but has to be sent. To over come this litte inconvenient you can recompile IR Remote using a smaller value than 30. 

Q: Can I use an IR LED/IR Diode pair instead of the IR LED and the SFH506 ? 

A: The SFH506 is not a simple IR diode, it is a complete reciever with an amplifier and a demodulator, so a normal IR diode can't be used. 

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Author : Sami Khawam