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Preprogrammmed PICs and Kits

Sorry for all the unaswered emails. Currently I cannot provide any kits or PICs; please send all you questions and requests to the mailing list.

Part Price and Description (in britisch pounds)
Pre-Programmed PICs Programmed with the STANDART version. 3.6 UKP
SFH506-30 2 UKP
SFH415 0.5 UKP
4Mhz Resonator 0.5 UKP
Shiping and Handling:
The shipping and handling is aprox. 5 UKP for the US, and 4 UKP for Europe. All the parts are sent in the Recorded mail.

 Parts distribution in the USA:

Here is the list of people able to provide you with the parts and possibilily kits and pre-built links in the USA. Note that currently they do not have any parts or kits in stock, contact them to see their ordering information.

Kits for Building the IR Link:

The Kit includes:

  • 1   Standart PIC+socket.
  • 1   Resonator.
  • 1   SFH506-30
  • 2   SFH415-U
  • 1   PCB
  • 11 Resistors
  • 3   Capacitors
  • 1   LM2931 voltage regulator
  • 2   Diodes
  • 1   LED
  • 1   2 way DIL switch.
  • 1   2.5 mm socket.
Number of Links Normal Mail Recorded Mail
1 18 21
2 17 20
3+ 16 19

The price is including shipping.

Ordering information:

I have received some email asking for ordering infomation from the US. Sorry if I have not answered all of them. Here are the info:

Ordering from the US:
Orders can be also made in US $.  For converting UKP to US $ use $1.65 = 1 UKP. The easiest and cheapest way for transfering the money  would be to make a bank transfer to my account. Please email me for details.

Ordering from Europe:
The easiest way is to use a Eurocheck written in UKP and send it by mail.

Building the Kit:
For infor converning the old PCB please check this page.

The components placement on the PCB is:


  • The DIP switches should be soldered at the begining, then the 33uF capacitor. followed by the 0.1uF cap and LM2931.
  • Solder the right 18k resistor and the two 22pF caps before soldering the 4MHz crystal.
  • The lower connection of the 'battery connector' is the ground one.
  • The connection to the 2.5mm socket is:

Check the Photos page for photos of built kits.

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Author : Sami Khawam